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Punta cana Vice Show start in 2014 with Radio Kool 106.9 FM hosted by DJ INFINITI.  the show consist to introduce all the best DJ remixes, and all the greatest DJ’s of the time. we will also podcast on iTunes all our shows and will appreciate your reviews.


We actually target female audience and all people that driving home from work, and all the party people that is ready to have a nice week-end with friends and family. You can also enjoy our music on the Gym wish is perfect adrenaline for workout.

Our Goal

Help all the DJ’s out there that want to go public. We will offer a 20 minutes Set for DJ contest .  To all the DJs out there you can subscribe and upload your mix so people can here you or send it to our email by sharing your download links so we can post your podcast here including your cover image.

This contest we want to get it viral so we can get a nice annual DJ contest with all the best DJ of the Caribbean.